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CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler 3.01

CyberMatrix In Out Scheduler 3.01: Group employee attendance management program. Scheduler was designed to provide an effortless transition for those accustomed to the traditional in/out peg boards. To this end, the software looks much like an actual scheduling peg board. Virtual pins are used to show which employees are in, which are out and when they will come back. Unlike the manual scheduling boards though, In Out Scheduler can be used by all employees from the comfort of their own computers. In Out Scheduler Web can be used

OrthoGraph Survey 2.0: Building surveys supported by floor plan sketching and measurement using a PDA.
OrthoGraph Survey 2.0

floor plan, elevation and cross-section surveys). The software is built for appraisers, insurance inspectors, architects, real-estate agencies, CAFM companies, flooring installers and anyone who needs digitized drawings or to calculate the area and perimeter of a floor plan even on-site. OrthoGraph Survey supports floor plan sketching and measurement using a PDA or Windows Mobile Phone. The module shows measured drawings in real time and facilitates

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Booking System For Cleaning Service 4.0: WEB software to make your cleaning business more efficient.
Booking System For Cleaning Service 4.0

floor care, carpet care, self-employment, window washing, custodial training and many other areas related to the cleaning industry. You can use the scheduler to find the best fit by viewing dates, times and distance of other scheduled services to set an appointment for a customer. Each customer`s history is stored and conveniently displayed on the customers main screen for ease of look up. This historical recount is complete and permanently stored

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Scheduler 3.0

With Scheduler 3 you can schedule custom tasks that run unattended on specific dates and times or at periodic intervals. System actions to be executed described by the task as script that looks like JavaScript. The script itself is a sequence of variables declarations and function calls. Each function belongs to one of of the plugins connected to Scheduler and performs specific action

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CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00: Employee Scheduler: a simple to use application for creating employee schedules
CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 3.00

CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler is a simple to use single or multi-user application for creating and managing employee schedules. Employee schedule administrators can save time by using Employee Scheduler to automatically generate the most favorable work schedules for their employees. After automatic scheduling takes place, the manual scheduling features can be used to simply adjust the schedules graphically.

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Meeting Scheduler for Gmail 1.1: An online meeting scheduling solution for Gmail. Free and no registration.
Meeting Scheduler for Gmail 1.1

scheduler that streamlines the meeting scheduling process and quickly finds common meeting times that work for all attendees. Real-time accuracy of your availability is ensured since throughout the online scheduling process ScheduleOnce is constantly synched with your Google Calendar, eliminating any occurrence of double booking. ScheduleOnce is a completely free scheduler and does not require registration. ScheduleOnce can be used from your native

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ConceptDraw Floor Plan library 1.0: Floor Plan design library for ConceptDraw
ConceptDraw Floor Plan library 1.0

Free Floor Plan design library for Conceptdraw, wich includes templates and objects for house, office etc floor planing.

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